Accounting Payroll

Now mind you, I have been around small business people all my life, I even started out as one, after retirement, I guess, I am now a semi-retired businessman. So, when I give you this next advice, realize that I am speaking from experience. Small businesses need to outsource their payroll accounting, because it is serious business and if you make a mistake you could be fined or imprisoned. Certainly, I could tell you 100s of stories of small business people getting into serious trouble over payroll accounting, and it is just not worth it.

As a franchisor, our franchisees always had issues with payroll accounting, those who attempted to do it themselves using the latest software still spent huge amounts of time, time they should have spent with their families or in running their businesses. Small Business Entrepreneurs should do what they are good at and not get stressed out over those things they hate to do (accounting, especially payroll accounting) and do what they are best at; Making Money! You must make money in your business and you must focus and spend your time wisely.

Who should you hire for payroll accounting? Well, obviously someone who knows what they are doing, has good testimonials and has had a bit of experience dealing with government agencies and those who enforce payroll laws. Hire the best, work only for the best, so you can be only the best, and let me tell from experience that is my best advice in this matter. Let us call it my “Final Answer!”